Inspired by tradition and unique tastes of our cuisine, we have created the BUJRUM product line – consisting of noodles, pies, mantles and watered cakes.

With modern technology, hundred years old recipes, well-trained staff and a high level of production quality, we guarantee the best traditional product on the market.

Our products have been tasted throughout Europe, America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

We believe that perfect phylloand pies do not require advice and that you do not need to worry if your sugar syrup has succeeded. We believe that everyone deserves to be the chef of their kitchen!



The traditional taste of burek in the form of more demanding workmanship has become a hit on the market because the MBA Center is the only provider of such a product. In addition to bulk packaging, we also offered retail packaging of mantles, which are packed in paper containers ready to go immediately to the oven for baking after being removed from the protective foil. So far, we are offering four flavors, three traditional salty flavors and one surprising but delicious taste with chocolate.

Bujrum phyllo

MBACenter Bujrum phyllo pastries are fresh phyllos in a vacuum package with a shelf life of up to 4 months in cold conditions. They are characterized by good pliability, and after baking they are crispy without any toughness. Vacuum packs contain, on average, 25% more leaves than similar noodles from other manufacturers, which proves to be significantly thinner, and taking into account other advantages, we get that the quality of products made from Bujrum noodles is better.
Baklava phyllo: The thinnest baklava dough is ideal for making classic baklava or some other sweets . It is flexible and thin and it makes any baklava delicious and crunchy.
Pita phyllo: The queen among doughs. The thinnest and most fresh phyllo dough in the market that makes burek or pita soft and nice.
Integral phyllo: Very healthy and soft dough made of integral flour. This phyllo pastry is ideal for each recipe. Be your chef by interesting meals made from this dough.
Buckwheat phyllo: This phyllo dough is definitely good choice for every pie. Buckwheat flour is very healthy and rich by minerals.

Bujrum cakes

The taste of tradition is conveyed through the sweet assortment of Bujrum products, sprinkled with syrup or agde as it is said in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the latest mini-cake program, we offer our customers that they can eat more types of cookies without a bit of conscience, without increased calorie intake and without excess residue on their plate.


A well-known pastry that smells of tradition. It contains only four ingredients and meets the values needed by your body. With its lightweight structure, somun has secured a place in all homes.

Pie bread, BBG bread, bun or bun – these are the names used today for traditional Bosnian pastries that are inevitably used for kabobs, grilled meats or iftar. We make flat bread as a retail product or HoReCa product in various sizes and weights.